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Release Date:
Rating: 8.5
Directed by
Tetsuro Kodama
Written by
Akira Toriyama, Toshio Furukawa
Based on
Masako Nozawa, Toshio Furukawa, Yûko Minaguchi, Ryô Horikawa, Aya Hisakawa, Mayumi Tanaka, Miki Itô, Takeshi Kusao, Aya Hirano, Ken Uo, Ryûzaburô Ôtomo, Kôichi Yamadera
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Toei Company, 20th Century Studios, Fox International Productions
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the latest installment in the Dragon Ball franchise, organically fixes some old mistakes of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. The first Dragon Ball movie to be made primarily with CG animation, Super Hero is set in the Dragon Ball Super timeline and takes place a few months after Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Unlike a significant portion of the Dragon Ball movies, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a canon adventure that already has major implications for the saga.

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After previous Dragon Ball Super films saw the Z warriors face off against gods and mysterious Saiyans, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero goes back to basics and introduces the Red Ribbon Army – a group of villains who cause trouble to Goku from Dragon Ball. Working with the Red Ribbon Army is Dr. Hero, the grandson of Dr. Gero, who believes he is creating the next generation of superheroes with the Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 androids. Callbacks to Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero looks very familiar, but it also adds a lot to the story of Dragon Ball Super.

With Goku and Vegeta training with Broly on Beerus' planet and therefore out of place, it was up to Gohan and Piccolo to protect Earth. By focusing on different characters other than Goku and Vegeta, Super Hero was able to fix some long-lasting errors that originated from Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball Super canon inconsistencies like Trunks and Goten's age arc Gohan's character, here's how Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero improves Dragon Ball.

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The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero GT took place around 12 years after Pan was born, and it featured adult versions of Goten and Trunks. Dragon Ball Super, on the other hand, picked up where Dragon Ball Z's Majin Buu saga left off meaning Gohan and Trunks were still kids. However, Dragon Ball Z's Peaceful World Saga, which took place a few years after the Majin Buu Saga and is considered canon, featured a toddler Pan and teenage versions of Goku and Trunks. Dragon Ball Super is supposed to take place before the Peaceful World Saga, but since the show already featured a toddler Pan, then Gohan and Trunks should have been teenagers by now. The fact that Pan was already born while Gohan and Trunks still looked exactly like they did in the Majin Buu saga was a major inconsistency that grew worse with each arc, and it looked like Dragon Ball Super should return at the end. from Dragon Ball Z.

Luckily, not only does Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero fix that, it also avoids a Dragon Ball Z retcon. Pan is still a toddler in Super Hero, though she's now closer to her Peaceful World age. Saga, and Gohan and Trunks are now teenagers. To explain the abrupt aging of Gohan and Trunks, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero established that Saiyans stay young for a long time and then experience a sudden growth spurt. While this detail about Saiyan physiology has never been hinted at before Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, it makes a lot of sense considering how quickly Goku has aged in the later episodes of the Dragon Ball original series.

Piccolo has been a mainstay of Dragon Ball since the original series, but after Dragon Ball Z's Cell Saga, the character seems to have become an afterthought. Piccolo didn't play a significant role in the Majin Buu saga other than briefly training Goten and Trunks and then having no role in most of Dragon Ball GT. Dragon Ball Super offered the opportunity to correct the mistakes of Dragon Ball GT and put the Z Warriors back in the spotlight, but Piccolo fell behind names like Goku and Vegeta in terms of character development and strength. Piccolo from Dragon Ball Super was stronger than he was in Dragon Ball Z, but he never received a significant power upgrade like the Saiyans did. An argument can be made that Dragon Ball Super Piccolo was as strong as Super Saiyan 3 Goku, but Goku and Vegeta were now way beyond that level.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero fixes the Piccolo problem, both increasing Piccolo's powers with a new transformation and making him the main character again. Super Hero is a Piccolo and Gohan movie, with Piccolo getting more screen time than any of the Saiyans.

Piccolo's comedic side, his affection for Gohan, and his warrior spirit were all recalled in Super Hero in a way that hadn't been done in a while. In terms of power scale, Super Hero gives Piccolo a new transformation, Orange Piccolo, which makes Piccolo almost as strong as Goku.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release Date:

The way Majin Buu Saga from Dragon Ball Z and later Dragon Ball Super treated Gohan is the most cinemas significant example of a wasted Dragon Ball character arc. Gohan had been set to become incredibly powerful and a main character since the first episode of Dragon Ball Z, a journey that culminated in Gohan becoming the first Saiyan to reach Super Saiyan 2 and destroy Cell at the end of Cell Games.

With Goku dead and Gohan being the strongest warrior on the planet after the Cell Saga, Dragon Ball Z was primed for Gohan to become the new protagonist which ultimately didn't happen.

Akira Toriyama confirmed that the plan was for Gohan to become Dragon Ball Z's new main character after the Cell Saga, but he ultimately changed his mind and decided to bring Goku back. Therefore, Gohan's power level had to be significantly downplayed during the Majin Buu Saga so that Goku could once again be the hero to save the day. This problem carried over to Dragon Ball Super, and while Gohan continued to grow stronger, he never recovered to his true potential.

Surprisingly, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero recognized Gohan's problem. In fact, the whole story of Super Hero was about how Gohan wasted his potential.

Okay, in 'Dragon Ball', when someone dies for nothing, it means that they september will disappear forever or that they will not come back to life in a few arcs, or even in a few chapters.

No one stays dead long in 'Dragon Ball' (and even then they still occasionally appear from the afterlife), but sadly we know when Goku will die forever, and it seems with no chance of resurrection.

Super Hero makes Piccolo relevant again

A few years ago 'Dragon Ball Online' was launched, an MMORPG for PC where you could explore the world of anime and which already closed its servers in 2013. The main hook of the game was that Akira Toriyama himself had participated in the development , working on some character designs and had even shared a timeline for the story.

The official chronology starts in the year 749 when Goku and Bulma meet for the first time, and shows us all kinds of events that we have seen in the manga. The timestamps continue with various events well after the manga and anime until the year 1000, when the story of 'Dragon Ball Online' begins.

In the year 804, Gohan publishes his book 'Groundbreaking Science', which deals with how his learning of ki and science can be combined, but where he also mentions the death of his father. Three years earlier, in 801, Goku and Vegeta leave Earth to face each other one last time.

Nothing is known about this fight, apart from the fact that years later the explosion of a supernova is detected and is believed to have been caused by the fight between Goku and Vegeta. In any case, Goku does not return to Earth, so his death can be set in the year 801.

'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' takes place in the year 783 and the manga is still in publication, so we still have a long way to go to reach these events.

The superhero fixes the crime Gohan from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super

Likewise, 'Dragon Ball Online' is not necessarily canon and a lot has happened since the video game, so Toriyama and Toyotaro may decide to change the chronology for the future of the series.

With the return of the Red Ribbon Army and a descendant of Dr. Gero working on new androids, including a new cell, Gohan had to step in to protect Pan and the entire world. Gohan's fight against Cell Max in Super Hero was nowhere near as impactful as his fight against the original Cell, but it was enough to give Gohan a new transformation. Thanks to Beast Gohan form, it looks like Gohan has finally caught up with Goku once again.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero turned out to be a very singular production in the vast franchise born from the work of Akira Toriyama, both for different realization choices, such as the use of CGI, and for having brought Gohan and Piccolo back to cover central roles, and with evolutionary stages never seen before. But what is the name of the new form of Gohan?.

best selling anime at the Japanese box office. The anime Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero also made the highest sales in the first week of release for an anime.

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The success of these films has caused a significant increase in anime films. These films do not have any limitations in the field of narration, story, dialogue, filming and story line and have more visual possibilities than live action films.

In the circumstances that One Piece Film: Red will be released worldwide in the coming months, it can have a place among the highest-grossing anime films in the history of cinema, but it is not so easy to break the record of the top 10 highest-grossing anime films in the world. In the rest of this article, we are going to introduce you to 10 anime.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be released on October 30. Studio Ghibli's inspirational historical drama about Jiro Horikoshi was Hayao Miyazaki's last film. Despite the political nature of his film, he presented one of the blockbusters of the anime industry to the fans of this genre.

The Wind Rises anime grossed more than 136 million dollars worldwide. Jiro was a famous Japanese aerospace engineer who was responsible for the mission of a fighter plane called Mitsubishi Zero during World War II.

The anti-war point of view of the film caused this anime to receive different reviews, but these reviews could not break the spirit of the story as a whole. In the technical field, the art in this anime is remarkable and the speed of the story is appropriate and stable, but the dream sequences of the film should be considered the best and most lasting part of it.

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While the Dragon Ball Super manga now seems to have taken a very specific direction, making progress only Goku and Vegeta, now fighters with divine power, in the new film Akira Toriyama and the authors wanted to create a story limited to planet Earth, without departing from those borders in which the entire first part of the franchise was set. By doing this, the master has decided to retrace a path already traveled in the past, placing Gohan and his historic opponent Cell at the center of everything.

The rebirth of the Army of the Red Ribbon has in fact led to the creation by Dr. Hedo, grandson of Dr. Gelo, of an enhanced version of the perfect android: Cell Max. A threat that in the film will force both Gohan and Piccolo to overcome their limits once again, bringing their new transformations to the field. While Piccolo manages to become gigantic and his skin changes color to the shape called Piccolo Orange, Gohan's new form is called Gohan Beast, and is characterized by white hair, red eyes, and an imposing blue and magenta aura.

Gohan Beast currently represents the highest level of the Unlocked Potential ability, and is therefore considered as a further evolution of the Supreme Gohan, a form seen in the Majin Buu saga. And what do you think of this new level reached by the Saiyan? Tell us in the comments.

Did you know that Toriyama originally came up with another design for Gohan Beast? Finally we leave you to a fanart that portrays Gohan in a true bestial form.

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Whenever we think of Dragon Ball, the first thing that comes to our mind is the episodes of the TV series, which even today conquer new fans. But, believe it or not, movies based on both the original series and the derivatives, in the case of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, are also very successful.

With the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the franchise already has 21 films released. The overwhelming majority were highly rated, but not everything is rosy and there are some Dragon Ball movies that are best forgotten.

With that in mind, Canaltech has listed the 5 worst Dragon Ball movies. For this list, we will consider any and all films that have been based on the work of Akira Toriyama.

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A sequel to Dragon Ball: The Legend of Shenron, Sleeping Beauty at the Cursed Castle was released in 1987 and follows the same proposal as its predecessor: to tell the episodes of the TV series in movie form. But, unlike what happened in the first film, this second one was pretty bad.

Here, Goku and Krillin need to be accepted by Master Roshi to be his students. For this, the friendly master sends the two pupils to a castle for a mission: to save a "sleeping beauty". However, this sleeping beauty is nothing more than a jewel.

There, they both have to face Lucifer, owner of the Castle, but they have the help of Bulma, Yamcha and the others.

Tetsuro Kodama of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Mexico and Latin America

Huge wasted potential. Set shortly after Goku recovers from his heart disease, Return of the Androids features Androids 13, 14, and 15, who never appeared in the original series. Also created by Dr. Gero to eliminate Goku, these enemies seem to have immense strength, but they were so poorly placed in the plot and franchise that they are little remembered by fans.

This is one of the first times we see Goku and Vegeta fighting side by side as Super Saiyans, as well as Future Trunks, who helps in the fight against the androids. As much as the combats are good, the film is essentially generic and deserves to be on the list of the worst.

6 7/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 6.8

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